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California based startup NDB says its Nano-diamond batteries could last anywhere from a decade to 28000 years and does not need to be charged. These batteries can be used for applications ranging from machinery and airplanes to electric cars and mobile phones. They provide constant electricity generated from the core heart of the battery. The battery is completely safe as per NDB as it is covered by artificial Nano Diamonds to absorb the nuclear radiation and is the hardest and strongest material to destroy. 

The heart of the battery is a nuclear reactor consist of recycled nuclear waste which is a by-product of various nuclear technology processes.. NDB utilizes elements of the graphite nuclear reactor that have absorbed radiation from nuclear fuel rods and have become radioactive themselves. It’s high-grade radioactive waste that if untreated: toxic, difficult, and costly to store, with a very long half-life.

This graphite is abundant in the carbon-14 radioisotope that undergoes beta decay into nitrogen, producing in the process an anti-neutrino and a beta-decay electron. NDB takes, purifies, and uses this graphite to produce tiny diamonds made of carbon-14. The diamond structure, absorbing the charge and carrying it out, serves as a semiconductor and thermal trap. 

NDB’s Nano Diamond Battery Explained
Source: NDB

Several layers of this nano-diamond material are piled up and stored to create a battery cell, with a small integrated circuit board and a small capacitor to absorb, store, and disperse the charge instantly. NDB states that it will adapt to any shape or standard, like AA, AAA, 18650, 2170, or custom sizes of all kinds.

NDB believes that these batteries will be cost-effective and will cost less than the lithium-ion batteries. NDB can save costs in the raw material as most of the companies will pay NDB in return for taking nuclear waste instead of NDB being paying them. Their huge life-span makes them a more effective and better choice than lithium-ion batteries which needs charge after each usage.               

Taking on the safety of these batteries as they consist of nuclear waste, NDB says, these are safer and emit less radiation than even the human body and are completely safe to operate. In small applications, they can be used in sensors and circuit-boards traffic monitoring, earthquake detection, and even in smartphones to provide never charging mobile phones.

Think it as a smartphone battery, while you have to charge your phone several times a day with your nowadays batteries but these can charge your phone internally and think of not charging your phone for days, weeks. And now not charging them for decades, so once bought your phone will work for the eternity of its lifetime without even a single external charge. They can provide unhindered device usage, high computation power, and can create quantum smartphones.

These are also suitable for electric cars as it can provide the ultimate power to run vehicles with higher mileage than a traditional lithium-ion battery. Combining them in large applications can revolutionize the battery market around the globe. Lithium-ion batteries in large applications prove costly as they are needed to be changed frequently and provide limited power but with these NDB super batteries, there will be no difference in terms of time, cost, and life.

The company claims to have developed a proof of concept and is ready to start developing its commercial prototype after the end of the shutdown of COVID 19, once its laboratories reopen. In less than two years, a low-powered commercial version is anticipated to enter the market, and the high-powered version is estimated to last for five years. The NDB claims that it is well ahead of its competition with patents on its inventions and manufacturing.

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