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IPhone SE(2020) Made in India

According to a new report by The Information, Apple will soon make or rather assemble, the iPhone SE 2020 in India. Apple’s newest iPhone, which is also its most affordable new iPhone, is reportedly being made by Wistron manufacturing partner of Cupertino, in India. Wistron is already assembling the iPhone 7 in Bengaluru, India.

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iPhone SE (2020), the successor of the original iPhone SE, bears a starting price of Rs. 42,500. This corresponds to around $558, which is $159 more than the US market price of $399 (roughly Rs. 30,400).

In April, Apple launched the iPhone SE (2020) in India-along with its global market debut. The new model is designed to take specific price segment Android phones on. If Apple starts assembling the iPhone SE in India, the cost of the handset could be lowered and its sales will increase in the country.

Krypton Rs. 3,999 Phones

There is a hype in the market regarding the krypton phones. I have seen this website called where a huge list of Krypton phones is displayed with features like 8GB RAM, 128GB internal storage, and so on at just a price of 4,499 INR. All the phones are in this range only, around 3k, 4k.


So, what’s the reality of Krypton and these phones? And my answer is Yes, you will surely get a phone if you will order and not of krypton but an iPhone. It’s pretty much clear from this website that all the photos are fake and copied from other brands. Most of the photos are either of Realme or Samsung’s new series.

In any case, do not order from them else you will lose your money. It’s a completely fake website and company. There is no mention of this company krypton anywhere on the net.

LG unveils Transparent OLED Signage Displays

At the InfoComm 2020 Connected trade show, LG Electronics showcased its new transparent OLED displays. The transparent panels had a transmission of 38 percent, according to the company.

The company said they are optimized for use in airports, stores, and museums. It’s also possible to mount several screens side by side to create a larger view, it added.

Besides the transparent panels, the company also showed its LG LED Cinema Display. These displays use high-brightness LED modules and are intended to be used in theaters as movie screens. The company claimed the panels offer a uniform film screen that is less vulnerable to distortion than digital projectors. LG also recently said it supplied the screen to Showtime Cinema in Taiwan.

Asus Zenfone 7 leaks

A phone codenamed Asus ZF leaked on Geekbench. This phone is expected to be the  Zenfone 7.  The phone in the listing is powered by the Snapdragon 865 processor and it also confirms that it will run on Android 10. This phone also packs massive 16 GB RAM that turns out to be this year’s new standard for flagships.


The device scored 973 in single-core, and 3346 in multi-core tests in terms of actual benchmarks on Geekbench. There is currently no official information about the device’s availability or the date of launch. However, the company has completed almost one year since the launch of the Asus Zenfone 6 or 6Z.


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Zee5 to Launch TikTok Rival App

TikTok is a Chinese app and has become famous widely due to the controversy of YouTube vs TikTok. Now, Zee5 is planning to launch a new app called Hypershots which is similar to TikTok. Short Video sharing has become a trend in recent days and every other company wants to earn from it.


Zee5, India ‘s popular entertainment streaming platform, is looking to get a piece of the pie with its own, short, user-generated content app. Currently, it is in its beta stage, and the official launch is scheduled for early July. It had been specifically built for India. Hypershots will have user-generated content of 90 seconds which will be created by celebrities and commoners.

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